The wayfarer drifts away with tangled roads pumping inside his pulse,

highways are dusts revolting at his feet:

                                           to the left and to the right,

branched to the infinite in arms and strings, in fingers and snakes.

Blurred faces, signs and riddles

spinning like slot machines at light speed.

He has already died somewhere along the way,

he has lived also or at least that’s what he remembers.

New roads bring their crossroads

for each thorn on the sole of his feet,

each crossroad brings a labyrinth

                                             connecting here & there

                                                                   before & after

                                                                   now & then

                                                                   time & space

                                                                   point A with point B.

        The bum opens his arms up to the sky asking for a sign like roots crawling underground for water,

 but the constellations are

 panting roads ahead of him.

                                             Oozing the distance of his path,

                                             wanting to drink all the rivers in one shot,

                                             he’s thinking where to go next

                                             but the road chooses for him

                                             and he is already gone,

                                             he’s gone tumbling.

The road pushes and throws him

running faster than he does,

walking its own way.

Breathless he wants to stay still on the bloated and blistered road,

in one place and one instant,

    falling in a dream for a million years:

                                             dreaming to become the road

                                             while the road dreams to be him.




Javier Felix  Todos los derechos reservados © Javier Felipe 2014